Upside down without the fear!

There are many things we as humans strive to achieve to believe we have succeeded in life. Nice Car. Big House. All these materialistic dreams, and so it is true, we achieve our material dreams with, if we’re lucky, with a little hard work (or not as may be for some), relative ease.

But what about those dreams and goals that scare us, the ones that give us butterflies at the prospect of, that we sit on the edge of completing or even attempting?
Like giving up your job to travel the world, spending all your savings on that business idea, or just achieving something that requires a little concentration and a push.


Today I did a headstand, albeit enhanced by the trusty bedroom wall, in my elation (and after I recovered from being smacked on the head with the frame I kicked off the wall), I had my roommate (Em) take photographic evidence which I promptly uploaded to Instagram to share with some unknown entity my worth and progress as a human being.

This was quickly followed by a text to Mum saying, and this is the bit that got me thinking, “I did it, it was just getting over the fear of falling”, and that’s just it isn’t it, it’s just living without ‘the fear of falling’.

Literal or metaphorical no one wants to fall, and once you’re over that well, amazing, neigh scary, but none the less wonderful things can happen, like flinging your toes above your boobs and standing on your head.



Life kind of does look better from upside down if only you forget about the fear.

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