Travelling solo and Seriously Ill

It’s the thing almost everyone warns you about before you go travelling, getting sick. In fact as soon as you say Asia before any positives that was often what I heard. And sure, same as everyone else I thought “that’ll never happen to me”, or atleast you think you’ll just man up and deal with it when it does.

I just went through a 3 day stint in a Nepalese hospital, believe me I could do anything but ‘man up and deal with it’.

1 of 4 cannulas

1 of 4 cannulas

So, just a short post, what to do if you find yourself alone and ill;

Tell somebody!

Probably my biggest mistake, tell the reception at your hotel/hostel/guesthouse and get them to check in on you, I got so poorly I passed out in the bathroom and could barely make it back to my bed let alone down the stairs! When I did get help it had been over 16hours with no water and about 20with no food. Company is your best bet when you feel unwell.

Don’t be ‘brave’, if you need hospital just go

At home it’s just a stomach bug, right? Here… Who knows, it’s better to over react than do something too late!

Get insurance. 

Enough said, just do it. It won’t happen to me… Guess what, it just did!

Phone home!

It’s scary and bloody lonely, you crave your bed and that comfort cure everyone has, but you’re going to be fine and (hopefully) be back on the road in no time. But phone your mum, that helps!

Stay safe!

P.S. It’s not always the chicken!

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