Toes to the sky… I’ve done it!

I know when it comes to yoga it seems I’m all resistance rather than persistence, you’d be forgiven for thinking that, my yoga journey is about as successful as Katie Prices singing career… no? exactly.

But progress my dear friends is what has been happening the past few weeks, hidden away behind  the closed door of my bedroom I have braved the fear of the fall and moved away from the wall with my headstand… I’ve only gone and bloody done it!

Just a little ray of hope for my fellow hostile yogis out there, we can overcome our gravitational demons and fling our heels over our heads in pure rebellion! 

It took a while to not make it all the way up then promptly fall into surrounding furniture in what can only be deemed ‘pure giddiness’, but once I had composed myself into almost passing as the graceful yogi I aspire to I got this video…

And for your viewing pleasure I have also included my not so graceful fall from grace…

You’re welcome!

Happy Sunday people

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