Why am I going travelling?

It’s a question I’ve been asking myself for some time and, since I bought my ticket, it’s a question I’ve been asked many times too. I think I’ve found the answer. Because… Time.


Time is all we really have, it’s the only thing we have that we actually decide what to do with, that is truly ours. No take backs, no returns, you don’t owe it to anybody, you certainly don’t have to pay tax on the breaths you take, you live that moment, you spend that time and then it’s…gone.

I work in a trauma centre, I know I’ve probably mentioned that before but it’s kind of key to this thought. I never thought I would do this job. I never thought that this would be how I’d spend my time and yet in saving for this trip I spend most of my waking hours here, in this trauma centre, watching people losing time, having their time changed or if we’re really unlucky, taken away.

People have told me that I’m brave, have asked me ‘aren’t you scared’? No, is the answer. I’m scared of staying here, of never seeing all the things I have dreamed of for so long.

That’s what made me book my ticket. What made me spend thousands of pounds on flights and experiences, I’m investing in my memories.

I could buy a house, but where I ask you would I buy it? This world is so vast and expansive you want me to choose one place?

But this, this is something I can do not just dream about, I could ride my bike to work tomorrow and this could all be gone, I know that’s morbid but that is what this job has taught me.

Life is short and sometimes cruel, but have you looked at those pretty pictures lately of that beach, of that mountain and thought what it would be to just be there, no high gloss veneer no edge of the page just complete 360° dream come true?

That’s all I’ve done, I’ve weighed the value of my time and I’ve found its worth.

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