The Search for the Perfect Pack: The search continues… and concludes!

Is it fair to say hunting for the perfect backpack is like looking for the perfect man?

God damn near impossible.

Luckily for us when searching for a bag it is more acceptable to make a pros and cons list for your canvas compadre than  our life companion.

If you’re travelling long term you want to really know you got the right pack.
Here are the things I really need in a pack:

  • Lightweight
  • Carry-on compatable
  • Pockets  (pockets inside pockets?)
  • Good for hiking trips and walking long distances
  • Discreet – bright pink packs pick me out of the crowd waaaay more than I want
  • Comfortable
  • Durable

I have taken the leap to opting for a womans bag, for an over analyser like me this was a blessing! Namely due to possibly the illest informed decision ever on the backpack manufacturers part not every woman wants a pink backpack! This is a gross misconception and frankly (and thankfully) I’m not the only one who thinks so. It did however narrow down my choices.

There was only two left on the list!

Granted one of them has a pink option but atleast Osprey had the foresight to offer a ‘teal blue’ choice for the less flambouyant female nomad.

So I had it down to the Osprey Kyte 46 and the Gregory Maya 42, at that point it really was a case of drawing one out of a hat…

*Drum roll*

Osprey Kyte 46 it is!

Looks like the Ospreys won out again! The research I have put into this bag it has to be the one.

So why the Kyte I hear you cry?

I want to pack light,I am so determined but the 36l was just too much of a push for me I’m still in that ‘just encase’ stage of travel packing, who knows when I’m a little more traveled I may throw out that comfort jumper and throw caution to  the wind and size down, but right now 46l just feels right.

Being absolutely honest yes the pockets kind of swayed it for me on this one. The Maya 42l was good, it was light and closer to the 40l mark but the pockets on the Kyte were superior, I swear I was finding little stashes for days! As I mentioned before segmenting my stuff is important, this is why the first thing I did was plan my pockets…

Organising OCD

Organising OCD

The colour: Maya was lovely only a hint of pink on the seams but the light grey kind of made me think of how scruffy it would look after a while, I know things are gonna dirty but my Kyte in her lovely teal shades is a master of disguise. The Rose Red actually grew on me a little bit too but she’s definitely too girly for me to handle. It feels so durable too and the reviews were really great for the longevity of the Ospreys. Gregory backpacks kind of fell behind here just more down to the point I couldn’t find them as many places and therefore not as many reviews!

Now lets talk about the hip padding because oh. my. days. I am in love with this! This is one of the reasons I went for the womens bag and I have not been disappointed, adapted from the male version for all your womanly curves. I have hauled this little beauty around London with me for at least 6 hours and I literally felt like I was getting a comforting squeeze all day. Hug in a bag anyone?

It has become so real this past week that this will be all I’m taking, if it’s not in the bag I just won’t have it, no nipping home to pick something up, me and my backpack against the big bad world. Now for the packing list … you know that may actually take the next month!


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