The Big Plan … 3 and a half months to go

Lately it seems like all work no play, no spends, no time for anything other than internet shopping, then today…

I went to talk round the world flights with my new travel guy.

His name is Simon. We like Simon.

Researching flights is all well and good but sitting there in front of someone who’s replicating, neigh on doubling your enthusiasm is the best feeling.

I’ve kind of gotten lost in a sea of work so much so that I know I’m going travelling, but it’s kind of not hit home that it’s in the not so distant future, it’s not all some fantasy and it’s happening to me.

So Simon and I (we like him) are sat discussing plans and he’s like ‘this is the time to get excited’, and I’m like ‘holy crap, this is actually the time to get excited!’ and then he started chucking flight prices at me and telling me all my daydreams were coming true and I Hit. Cloud. Nine.

Now I’m actually walking round with an itinerary of all these fantastic places with my name at the top, this feelings insane, I don’t know why people need drugs to feel like all the early mornings and lost social hours are finally becoming worth it is incredible.

The Plan *drum roll*

Manchester- Kathmandu

Kathmandu- Delhi

Trivandrum- Colombo

Colombo- Chennai

Kolkata- Bangkok

Bangkok- Burma (return)

Bangkok- Manilla (return)

(overland) Cambodia – Vietnam – Laos – Thailand – Kuala Lumpar – Singapore

Singapore – Jakarta

Bali – Melbourne

That’s 13 countries!! And it’s not even final, the world is my oyster, oh how I love it!!

This list has been through the mill, it’s chopped and changed and been ripped to pieces and mulled over, over MANY glasses of wine, it’s been the subject of my distraction in almost every yoga class/meditation/run for the last year, now it’s all coming together. Got to admit I’m getting commitment issues still, what about the rest of the world? What if I’ve missed somewhere?

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