Sri Lanka: Beaches and the deep blue sea

Finishing up Sri Lanka… finally! It’s down to the coast for some chill time… who am I kidding I was with Cat the only chill time was recovery time watching Gavin and Stacy under the fan.


Stepping onto the golden sands of Mirissa in Sri Lanka felt like letting go of a heavy weight from my shoulders, the fast pace of travel just slipping away as easily as the first beer… and the second.


Personally for me the beach comes in second place to the mountains and hills but to know that this is where I was settling for a few days felt so nice. The beach itself is lined with restaurants and a few flashier hotels, perfect for sitting and watching the world pass you by, not so great if you’re after a peaceful, secluded beach retreat.

Food, sun and sea, just what the doctor ordered

Food, sun and sea, just what the doctor ordered

Mirissa sits on the southern tip of Sri Lanka, attracting surfers, backpackers and beach bums alike. It’s easy to see how people can get stuck on the shoreline, fresh seafood every night, plenty of people around for drinks and those long talks that seem to happen when you mix alcohol and starry nights. The surrounding beaches also offer up a good surf for those that can but for us we had some catching up to do and apparently a lot of that needed to happen over beer which lead to a lot of recovering, hey you can take the girls out of Leeds but…


galle fort

We decided after a short scooter ride that involved 10feet of concrete and freaking out at the first corner while being watched anxiously by our guesthouse owner, ‘it’s a new scooter you know, I have insurance’, no pressure, vote of confidence, we decided on the safer bus option for a day trip to Galle Fort about 30minutes away.

I think this may have been my favourite place on the Sri Lankan coastline and so obviously I forgot both cameras!

The town itself is very much another Sri Lankan town but the fort still surrounded by the original wall guarded against the hustle and bustle of the outside town on one side and the choppy sea on the other.

Walking around the old narrow streets the old buildings reminiscent of their old grandeur and Portuguese heritage I could of been mistaken for thinking I was in Europe complete with overpriced ‘hip’ cafes and restaurants.

For a second though the sandstone buildings and cobbled roads swept me into their guise and I gazed around transported and slightly in love with a history almost alien to it’s surroundings, it’s fortified greying walls a stark contrast even on a dull day to the vibrant blue hues of the sea and the overhanging palm trees.


Finally my sinking skills have come in useful and I completed my first dive!!
The day started with palpitations and finished with pure elation, not only did I face some pretty big fears but on my very first dive I got to see a Morray eel and A TURTLE!!!

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A turtle!!

A turtle!!

Yey a certificate too!

Yey a certificate too!

I wasn’t overly blown away with Unawatua if I’m honest it was a nice little spot to find ourselves but aside from the beach it felt extremely lacking elsewhere.


The dive was amazing and I’m sure if you’re a little more of a beach bum then you’re going to find adventures galore or just contentment on a sun lounger but I was pretty beached out. I couldn’t however argue with the English fish and chip shop, run by a Geordie though, he served up the taste of home I needed right on the main beach.

Ok and the sunset… that was pretty good too.



Our final train journey in Sri Lanka was up to the capital to get our plane out of their and as such we decided to stuff ourselves we were the train walas best customers that day, every time their calls chorused through the carriage ‘vada, vada, vada’ our purses were instantly at the ready, as were our cameras ready to pose with our tasty treats. Finishing Sri Lanka in style.

Crazy for the Dal Vada

Crazy for the Dal Vada



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