About ‘The Wandering If’


Hola, my little blog reading beauties!

Who am you ask? Oh my dear we have only just begun!

My name is Bekki, compulsive tea drinker, yoga dabbler, cat lover, novice explorer, food enthusiast!

I am 24 years old and  I am a wanderer at heart, if not always physically definitely mentally, long walks in the Dales and good food with friends and wine on an evening is the dream, but my wandering isn’t limited to the outdoors my mind is free to wander whenever it chooses… to a far off place, Thai beaches for example or perhaps off climbing up Everest.

I work in a Major Trauma Centre in North England and get to see a multitude of gruesome and challenging things but in my spare time I like to dance around my kitchen (usually involving my non-compliant dance partner Bonnie the cat) cooking up a new concoction with a glass of wine with mostly favourable outcomes, also trying to emualte a serene yogi at my local yoga studio has become somewhat of a hobbie, sometimes I am also known to knit up a storm of hats… you’re jealous I can tell. I am currently however planning my long awaited travels around the world my ‘Great Exploration’ if you will. Somewhat of a muser of life’s and the worlds little quirks I decided to set up this blog to a.) Settle the worries of over anxious parents and b.) to eternalise my journey onto the lovely world wide web.

Won’t you join me?

5 thoughts on “About ‘The Wandering If’

  1. DicknDan says:

    Hi Bekki – Richard and Annie here – we found you! So lovely to spend time with you and Heather today – keep safe and happy travelling. Your blog is AMAZING!!

    • bekkiyoung@hotmail.com says:

      Aw thank you guys! It was so nice to meet you both, good luck with the rest of your travels

  2. Gosia says:

    was great meeting you in Vietnamese food place and chat about Asian travels. Enjoying reading about Myanmar, hoping to get there one day. Good luck with your travel writing and future adventures!

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