Pay it forward

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but the seeds you plant”
Robert Louis Stephenson

Doesn’t the world seem a little grey sometimes?

All the stories in the paper seem to promote negativity not provide a welcome escape or uplifting story. You kind of forget about taking happiness from the little things.

This is the way I’ve kind of been feeling lately, it’s getting closer to my trip and honestly? I’m tired. I’ve been working so hard I just find my body is yelling at me to slow down, take a load off, no, take it all off and just. do. Nothing.

This week I needed a reminder, I needed a little bit of kindness.
It’s like the universe kind of sensed it. I have been reminded that kindness can be found in all manner of places and if we just capture that little bit we too can pay it forward.

I head to Lush, cos who doesn’t want to smell pretty things when they’re feeling down? I get talking to a girl about shampoo bars, you know cos I’m trying to be travel conscious and try and offset some of my carbon guilt with some Eco packaging. After smelling every bar in the shop and discussing my hesitation of the conditioner bar, I buy my gorgeous smelling honey bar (travel bit: can use for hair, body and clothing = winning!) and go to leave the shop, where ‘Tallie’ stops me and gives me a conditioner bar ‘on Lush’ to try. How freekin’ nice is that.

Thanks universe, you just made my day.









And again I’m in London with my friend gorging on food from the Eid celebrations, heading to Southbank to enjoy some Love festival food (beautiful by the way), and there’s these happy cheery guys, handing out roses and they have these little tags on them, I just can’t help but smile. They’re their spreading the love, paying it forward.


I’ve got to admit I felt a little moved by this and in my act of paying it forward I passed on the rose to a guy on the street, giving me a smile, it could of just been the herbal ‘pick me up’ he was smoking but I like to think it made his day a little bit too.

And I asked myself, how have I (without being prompted)paid it forward recently? Have my actions led to someones smile?
What is it we are doing in our daily lives to pay forward this happy vibe we all crave?

I could be doing more.

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