Namaste from Kathmandu


Finally don’t feel like dreamer on a pipe dream. Well I say that, Kathmandu is like something out of the far flung corners of the imagination, only not my imagination.

Kathmandu came at me all at once,  like a slap in the face. They seem to use car horns here like a means of general conversation, littering the air, the whole city seems to raise its volume a decibel to content. I’ve only been here a day and already it’s fading into my whitenoise category. In the time it took to get to my hostel I’d seen bamboo used as scaffolding, been scammed out of $10 by a taxi guy and been involved in multiple near miss head on collisions. In this time I also felt all my fears  dissipate, I’m finally here, it’s already begun!

Expectations of what I’d find have been totally blown out the water also, the people of Kathmandu are not the broken people the news portrayed, the houses maybe a little more so in places but all together a strong, resilient people is what I encountered today. They’re so proud of their culture, even if they do try to charge you for the privilege of telling you so.

Temples and stupas spring up in the middle of streets  and around corners, today we found ourselves worshipping Shiva and being taught the language by locals and then praying to the rain Gods all under the guidance of a guy we stumbled across in the street.

All in all, today has been so busy and hectic from the sadness of Durbur Square, the happiness of finding my excitement again, the adventures of being stuck in the Kathmandu monsoon and meeting my new trek partner, I’m bloody knackered. First night in a long line of beds I can’t  call my own and this one feels like cardboard, although after today, I don’t think I’ll care one bit!


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