Living the life in Pokhara Lakeside

Bright coloured Doongas line the shoreline of the  Pokhara shore, the paint wearing off their rainbowed bodies, bobbing gently in the smooth waters of the green lake.


High above on the horizon to my left it the World Peace Pagoda, surveying over the second largest city in Nepal with majestic authority. The journey to this peaceful building however was not that peaceful…in fact it was like a bloody massacre… Of our feet… By leeches!

There we were plodding nicely along a perfectly good path when Emma yells “shortcut” and dashes off, leech assault later and we’re bleeding profusely all over a peaceful sparkling white Pagoda.

Lesson learnt, Emma’s shortcuts are not to be trusted.This Pagoda was built by a Japanese man as a present to Nepal and was intended to bring joy to all those thatattended, today beautiful flowers surround it and its intricately designed Buddha’s still gaze enchantingly out as you walk clockwise around the main body. Perhaps today we fell lucky but our view was only enhanced by the mountains towering over the hills on the opposing side if the lake.

Buddha overlooking the mountains

Buddha overlooking the mountains

The rest of Pokhara lakeside offers the opposite to Kathmandu, perfect for those looking to wind down after a trek around the Annapurnas, Emma and I however have chosen to cling on to our Annapurna experience, long term…

The same but oh so different,it's all about perspective...

The same but oh so different,it’s all about perspective…

Everyday travelling can’t be go go go though and to be honest finding Peace doing nothing but having time to unwind and reflect out here is perfect, there’s always a local to have a talk to, try to feed you or get you smoking some of the local ‘herbs’, who knew Nepal was full of stoners?!

Sharing the doonga

Sharing the doonga

Sadly since the earthquake Pokhara, as most of Nepal, has missed out on pre-season booms of tourists, you can count generally on one hand what should be droves of thrill seekers, peace keepers and holiday makers. The stray dogs outnumber foreigners here and it makes me want to yell from the rooftops to get people back here!

Until then however I plan on spending the rest of my time in Pokhara sipping smoothies and renting boats on the lake… With a possible massage thrown in before my long bus ride to Chitwan.



Happy Sunday Everybody!

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  1. Emily Young says:

    I’ve been turning it every which way to try and work out which is your foot haha! Either way love them both! Happy Sunday xx

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