Lists, everywhere!

It’s all go go go in the Young household this month, we have weddings and cat wars going on along side my month out before I leave to plan…

Jokes. I am still totally unprepared, or as my friend tells me ‘more prepared than any person who actually believes they are prepared’, am I destined for this whirlwind of self doubt forever? Well yes actually, probably.

But don’t fret, calm down (oh just me then), I have this trick of pulling it all together at the last minute, just ask any one of my uni lecturers, except that one time I totally missed the deadline but let’s not focus on that!

So like I said my sister is getting married, I’m leaving the country and my cat and my Dad’s cats have met in heated unrelenting battle, they’re probably the least stressed of the lot. So what an earth do you do when you leave in 14 days (or get married in the 12 if you’re my sister) and you feel totally overwhelmed and on the brink of tears…

You totally have to list it out.

Yep, get that pen and paper sit in a room and list every. little. thing.

I mean I’ve even included learning how to use Dropbox and sending off time sheets so I can feel a little more accomplished with my day then I perhaps deserve… makes the gin seem well earned at the end of the day.

Now I’m no psychologist or doctor but I’m pretty sure your blood pressure and risk of a severe psychotic break decrease dramatically the more you write. Just as I’m sure your serotonin levels increase with every line you then put through them on completion.

A list provides my little bit of perspective, nothing seems unmanageable when it ultimately comes down to a tick box exercise. This past week I have been brought back from the brink on multiple occasions as the list proves again ‘YOU CAN DO  THIS‘.

14 days and counting people. Soon the packing list will be finalised and there will be no going back. The lists are growing shorter and soon there will be no time left. Holy crap people.

I cannot believe I’m actually doing this!!

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