Goodbye: it all seems so hard

Both my parents grew up in families where ‘I love you’ wasn’t the said thing, alongside kisses and cuddles. I really feel for them.
Don’t get me wrong I have nothing against this parenting style, not at all, but still I tend to feel they missed out.

Growing up ‘I love you’ scattered my childhood, daily. As a 24 year old I’m proud to say my parents are my best friends and going away, well, it really kind of kills me. I mean how will they know I love them if I’m not there to say it in their face every. single. day. I’m starting to think they over ‘I love you’d’ me, I mean I think I’m getting separation anxiety and I’m sat in the same house.

And no it’s not just them sister, niece, guy at the corner shop of my old house and don’t get me started on the cat… oh my days the cat!!!

I’m starting to think I’m going to miss everything. This morning I hugged my bed, no really, I swear I almost told that I loved it too. Nothing is free from my overwhelming sense of love at the moment, ok maybe not nothing Jeremy Hunt can still do one (#save the NHS) the thought of roaming the world has got me spreading the love!

But on a serious note thinking about goodbyes is the hardest part, I’ve read on many blogs about the downsides of travel is that you may so ‘Hello’ to so many new faces but saying ‘Goodbye’ to just one familiar can be heartbreaking. How do you do this? What is something that could make this any easier?

This week final goodbyes have been plentiful, even leaving work for the last time felt so,well, final. These people have shaped this massive change I have been through this last 2 years, they’ve become a family and I just wave bye to them without telling them all this. Without saying thank you properly.

And I guess now it is so real. One week tomorrow I’ll have said those most difficult goodbyes to my family and let us be honest I’ll probably be a few cocktails down while saying goodbye to my Leeds bests. Then let the hellos begins.

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