Freedom is in sight

It is official.

Only 10 full weeks of work left. Because this week…

I hand in my notice.


I quit. Gone. *poof*

The first stage of my adult, ‘normal’ regimented life is coming to and end and I get to pay off my tickets, pack my bag and jet off on my round the world adventure.

I had promised myself from the start that my notice would be handed in on a week when I was exhausted and feeling the strain from overworking and underplaying and losing sight of the end goal in order to give me back my perspective.

Ta da!
Welcome back perspective, clear sunny skies and dreams of monastaries by day and street food by night. It is amazing what a little pick me up can do when perhaps the normal methods (shopping trip or night out anyone?) aren’t within the travel saving budget.

Could this be what has been missing all along?

An undiagnosed case of Wanderlust?

I can’t believe this is finally coming true, from booking my first flight just before my 24th birthday to now quitting my job and selling my possessions.

And who knew how much actually went into this! It feels like a career change more than just get up and go adventure, like that job you’ve been dreaming of your entire life, that job you actually look forward to getting up to in the morning!

Another reason for a pick me up this week is the organisation of my leaving do by my dear friend Emily.


It means halfway through that tough day at work (you know when you swear you’re about to rip your hair out) someone, an anaesthetist/nurse/surgeon will ask me about my trip giving me a little reminder why I’m working my 8th 12 hour day what feels like that week.

I’m on my way people, you won’t wipe this smile off my face all month!!

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