For the love of momo’s!!

It’s happened, I’ve fallen in love! 

I have discovered the momo God it tastes good!!

By definition the simple momo is a steam or fried version of a dumpling, they stuff these with all things savoury, next on my list is an apple momo, oh yes I’m living the dream. Nepal has kind of claimed it as their own and tonight I claimed a plate as mine.

My little plate of heaven

My little plate of heaven

A cute upstairsTibetan upstairs restaurant hidden in Thamel served them so fresh they were still steaming… Yum! Dining here is so social too, this place was crammed with locals and tourists, we met a girl about to start yoga teacher training, travelling is definitely not an unsociable event!

Emma and I had a plate each, do satisfying and,  at 160rupees, just over a £1. I love this country!! And man I love momo’s.


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