Following the food

I’m spending a bit of money this month (god forbid! What will the saving fairies say?!) on giving my diet a bit of an overhaul.

What can I say I am a food fiend and my need to experiment is calling me.

My friend often comments on how she is amazed that I can look into a cupboard and see a feast when all she sees is a takeaway menu, literally one of the best compliments I could be given, puts a huge smug grin on my face everytime.

Unfortunately with savings taking priority in my life, lunch has taken a backseat and has been reduced to rushed trips to the supermarket and leftovers with a side of chips, my diet has become rather … beige.

Not only has this had an effect on the way I’m feeling but I’ve begun to notice how little I have been experimenting lately with new ingredients and recipes. NO MORE. Saving up should not lead to a life of oven chips and noodles!

I’ve been looking forward to a trying a few new recipe books for some time now, ‘Deliciously Ella’ along with ‘Hemsley and Hemsley’ have kept cropping up in my suggested items and I cannot and damn it I will not deny them any longer!


I get the same perverse pleasure from a new cook book as you would, say with a new gadget or guilty midnight fridge trip.

1st the excitement comes when you see all the pretty pictures, then reading all the wierd and wonderful ingredients lists so many recipes so many fresh and exciting adventures right there in my kitchen, fitting in perfectly with the fact they use so many ‘new’ items and preparing me for all the ‘new’ I’ll be experiencing on my trip, technically you see it is all research…



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