Excuse me there seems to be potato in my cake…

I swear there is a day for everything now and this month I think I may have missed my two new favourite days…

World Baking Day


International Humous Day

What?! These exist and I was too busy working and moving to celebrate in full unapologetic ecstacy?! Well naturally there is only one solution to this I must now bake and blend till my hearts content to form my own belated celebrations.

Ok so I’m no machine one at a time… humous or cake?

…Hello cake…

It was a tough decision as to what I should choose, and if you’d told me even 2 years ago that I was going to be juggling which vegetable to base my baking around (sweet potato or beetroot encase you wondered) I’d of called you crazy and laughed you out of my kitchen waving my synthetic butter packet as I slammed the door… pfft vegetables in cake, are you out of you friggin’ mind?!… how times have changed!

Clearly, however, I giddily weighed the pro’s and cons and my unfaltering love of sweet potatoes won out and half an hour later this was happening…


Softening the sweetness…

Followed by a little bit of this…

Manual de-pitting... this is dedication

Manual de-pitting… this is dedication

And a lot of blending and mixing, culminating in this…



Now, I know, you want to run out now and just buy a slab of brownie and laugh at my crazy efforts to recreate perfection, but stick with me.

Deliciously Ella would not just throw this recipe our way if she didn’t see it worthy, no, this my friends is how to eat an entire slab of brownie guilt free!! You. are. welcome.

Go on follow the link pretty Ella will show you the light.

It leads to this…

Accept it, it looks delicious right?

Accept it, it looks delicious right?

Even my room mates chocolate, gluten, dairy loving army man liked it, there is hope! And if not you know just… don’t tell them till they’ve eaten?

You are never to old to play with food

The wonderful thing about being older is that experimenting with food doesn’t always mean smeared fruit stains traipsed over mum’s carpet or black burny nasty stuff in the bottom of the new cookware, or maybe it does I don’t know, in my experience I’ve found it leads to a delicious meal or a hilarious fail with a story to boot.

Day’s dedicated to baking, humous, pirates whatever, are a great way to celebrate the little things, even if that does mean putting a potato in your brownie!

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