Dreaming of ‘What if…?’

What is it that keeps us awake at night? Way past when we should be in the land of nod, when the moon is hig in the sky, or even when the birds have started singing their morning song.

What is it that keeps are brains whirring on endless thoughts and fantasies? What we sacrafice the next day for, knowing with every passing minute is a minute we will have to make up for with coffee tomorrow.

What is this, but the dreams we dream with our eyes wide open, with our hearts beating from our chests and smiles shining though we lay in the dark.

Oh the possibilities we open ourselves up to in our minds, that may never find their ways off the pages, but still scream an internal monologue to just do it!! How free they would wander if not encased in this cage of ‘what ifs?’.

I have a serious case of travel induced insomnia.

I also have a secret.

I hate change, I mean it, I really hate it. It means moving on from things that aren’t necessarily bad or letting go of things you have no idea how to, it means fear and vulnerability, what if the change you make is the wrong change? What if where you are now will lead you to  where you were meant to be?

The reality is, that’s all bullshit. What’s scary about change is the unknown. It’s the very thing that makes life all so bloody exciting, change is what these dreams are made of, because tomorrow in itself is already calling to you to change what you did today.

Change and eyes wide open dreams are exactly what make up this blog.

What if? What if? What if?

I am one big Wandering If! Soon to be one big travelling if!

I am scared of the change quitting everything I have in England will surely make to my life, but I am petrified of not going and never learning the answer to my biggest ‘What if…?

Don’t we all owe it to the sleepless nights to stop dreaming and just do? To stop existing and just live?

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