That’s it I’ve taken the plunge, divulged in the world of coconut oil, buckwheat flour and tamari, is there any going back?

Well not till the end of this coconut oil at least, that stuff is expensive!

It’s true leafing through the pages of my pricey and totally warranted (research remember) cookbooks I am getting some serious food envy!

It makes me want to transfer all my money and re-stock my cupboards – overhaul my love affair with gluten – it’s true buckwheat is attempting to make me her bitch… and I am caving in.

First on the menu…

Buckwheat Burritos


I’m already a sucker for a good wrap and man I love Mexican so this seems relatively pain free and what’s not to love?… well actually just one thing. Coconut oil.

Now do not get me wrong coconut and I come as a package, I’m talking conditioner, moisturiser, spray, lip balm, candles. If coconut were a man I’d have put a ring on it and locked it in a basement, but am I ready for everything to taste of coconut too?

Now if you’re wondering where it fits in to the recipe, it’s all in the oil for the pan and for the sweet potatoes and onions I added. It’s exotic to say the least!

This is just my first escapade with my new ‘forever friends’ and the pancakes were b-e-a-utiful, it did add a whole other dimension to the dish and as for the pancakes, oh yeah I’ve said that twice now, they turned out more pancake-y than burrito-ey, but they were so light which only means one thing… hellooooo second helping!


My late night experimentation in review was everything I hoped it would be, I got to play around with new ingredients, didn’t having the late night bloat regret (good ol’ buckwheat), and got to take some ridiculous selfies ta-daaaa!

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